The Best Local SEO Tips For Small Businesses

These days, small businesses can’t just rely on word of mouth if they want to draw in customers. A lot of people don’t turn to their friends if they want to find a new business; they go to the internet instead. Companies need a website that can draw in plenty of search traffic.

The best way for a business to improve their search traffic is to work on local SEO. However, this is easier said that done. Thankfully, these local SEO tips will help businesses to get more traffic, and get more customers as a result of that.

1. Let Search Engines Know Where You Are

Search engines aren’t going to know where your business is based unless you tell them. Make sure that search engine spiders can easily figure out your location when they crawl your page.

Make sure you have a local address and phone number on every page of your site. Ideally, this information should go on your site’s footer.

You should also use location-based keywords on your site whenever you can. For example, if you’re located in Tampa Bay, you could use keywords like “Tampa Bay painters” or “furniture Tampa Bay.”

If you make your location clear, you should be able to get plenty of traffic from people in your area.

2. Add Your Business To Directories

There are all kinds of directories that businesses can add themselves to. Google has its own directory listings, as does review site Yelp.

Business owners should make sure that they’re listed in as many directories in possible. In addition, they should fill in as much information as they can. If a directory listing contains extra information, like a store’s hours, then search engines will give it priority over listings with less information.

3. Get Locals Talking About You

If you can get local people talking about your business on social media, you should be able to get a lot of new business. Not only will new people find you through social media, search engines will see your business as more important.

Offer people a discount for mentioning your business on a social media site. For example, if you own a restaurant, you could offer a free drink to people who take a picture of their meal and post it along with a certain hashtag.

Social media is a valuable marketing tool, and it can take a lot of the guesswork out of local SEO. Make sure you have a strong social media presence, and make sure you find ways to get people to talk about you on social media. From contest to hashtags to discounts, there are lots of ways to get more social media attention.

These local SEO tips can help any business to boost their visibility. The more search traffic a business gets, the better off they’ll be. When a business dominates the local search results, people will make a point of visiting them. More people are finding businesses online everyday. Make sure that the business they find is yours. To read more great local SEO tips, check out this article. 

What Is SEO And How Important Is It For Your Website

seo  When you work on the Internet one of the first things you do is put up your own website. However, when you first start off you often will find a website is going to be a blank canvas and you just start to throw information at it and hope something is going to stick. When nothing does stick, people often write the Internet off as a money making venture because they did not get paid right away. This is often because they had never heard of SEO before or how valuable it is for their website. With that being the case, lets start to cover what this is and how it helps websites out.

The basics of what SEO is is going to be fairly easy to explain. This is basically the way a website is written up for the search engines to explore the site. For example, most of the time a website will be targeting a specific keyword like camping gear, to help out with SEO and then all the posts and another information on the site is going to be related to camping. This is going to let the search engines know, its a camping website the information is related to camping so lets see where it should rank for the camping terms.

The other factor that is often overlooked is exactly how important SEO is for a website and how this is going to make a difference in a website doing well or tanking. When a website has all the proper SEO performed on it, it will often rank higher in the search engines results pages. Now this does not automatically guarantee it will happen, but it will take time and some work. However, it does help the search engines start to rank the website properly. This, in turn, helps guarantee it is going to show up on the results page.

After knowing the website is going to show up on the results page it is often important for people to know how this will impact them. People will want to know what the improvement in the search engine rankings is going to do for them. The basics are the higher they rank in the search engine results, the more traffic they will get to their website. By getting more traffic to the website, it generally means people will start to get a higher level of income because more traffic generally means more sales.

Owning a website is one thing, but getting to make a living from the Internet is something completely different. Since this is the case, people should learn more about SEO and how this is going to affect their chance of making a living on the Internet. By knowing about this information it will be easy for people to find that this is one of the most important things for them to do with their website to guarantee they are going to rank in the search engines and make a living from their website. Want to learn more about SEO? Read blogs like or perhaps invest in some SEO coaching with Ranking Rabbit.